Cognitive Transformational Programs


Cognitive Transformational Programs


All of the autosuggestion programs include the following, except for the “Unlock Creative Potential” album, see the next entry below: Voice over provided by Anna Thompson. For more infomation about her, including her valuable self guided hypnosis mp3’s, please visit Itunes Or Amazon mp3 and for more details. Hello and welcome! Thank you for choosing this cognitive transformational program. Autosuggestions have been around for a very long time. In fact, spiritual teachers since ancient times have repeatedly emphasized the tremendous power of our thoughts and beliefs. We all experience autosuggestions on a daily basis as thoughts that commonly run through our minds, otherwise known as “self-talk”, the problem is, much of the time this internal talk is negative and self-defeating, limiting the way we see ourselves and holding us back from what we really want out of our lives. What we say to ourselves has a very powerful effect on our subconscious mind, which affects our perception, our actions and the types of situations we attract. For example, one person thinking “today is a great day” will often notice throughout the day things and situations that reinforce that belief..on the other hand, another person who’s continually thinking “today sucks!” will also notice and attract situations that reinforce that belief as well. The external world has a profound way of mirroring back what ever it is we’re thinking. Since our subconscious mind accepts without question what we continually say and think, it should then make sense to become more mindful of our thoughts and realize that we can have the power to greatly change our lives in anyway we want. Theses programs are designed around 10 powerful autosuggestions for any given subject. The first 5 tracks feature the autosuggestions with upbeats background music, ideal for morning and or daytime, The next 5 tracks feature the autosuggestions with relaxing background music, ideal for evening and or night time. And the next 3 tracks feature a compilation of all 10 autosuggestions with binaural beats and relaxing nature sounds for a deeper and more powerful exercise…Binaural beats are known for assisting the listener in attaining greater states of relaxation and expanded states of consciousness. Otherwise known as brainwave entrainment, binaural beats require stereo headphones for best results. *Note: brainwave entrainment recordings are not to be used when operating motor vehicles or dangerous equipment. Also do not use if you fall into any of these categories… Epileptics, Pregnant women, Those who are wearing a pacemaker, Those prone to seizures. Tracks 12 and 13 are the only tracks with binaural beats. The last track is a compilation of all of the autosuggestions without any background music. There is space left after each autosuggestion for you to repeat back the phrase. You can do this in your mind, though saying it aloud will have the greatest impact. While repeating the phrase, it’s really important to state them with enthusiasm and feeling. If you find this difficult in the beginning, adjust the phrase to something you find more believable…ex…”I am extremely wealthy!” to “I am becoming extremely wealthy”. With each session these new and positive thoughts will feel more natural and true. It’s also important to speak to yourself with consideration and respect. Through building a positive relationship with yourself, you build trust in yourself which helps you to create the life you’ve always wanted. For best results, try to listen these programs each day. Most people can break or make a habit by sustaining new habits for 21 days, though many experience the changes they desire sooner than that. Remember, profound and lasting change can come in an instant when you truly embrace what you are saying. With these programs you can change your inner world, create new beliefs and eventually change your reality. — This product is not a substitute for medical, clinical or psychiatric advice.  Always consult your physician before making changes to your physical, psychological or dietary regimens. The user of this product assumes all risks in using these therapies, waiving any claims against Cognitive Transformational Programs for any and all mental or physical injuries. (Track 10) provided by Hypnotic TranceScapes Volume I – Mystical Forest,, © 2006 Transform Destiny, Inc. All rights reserved.


Background Music: (Track 1) Fauland“Hope” (fauland) / CC BY 3.0 (Track 9) Bee Chaser By Don Whitaker….. “Bee Chaser” (Don Whitaker) Don Whitaker) / CC BY 3.0…all under creative commons attribution 3.0 unported (CC By 3.0) (Track 10) provided by Hypnotic TranceScapes Volume I – Mystical Forest,, © 2006 Transform Destiny, Inc. All rights reserved. (Track 11) Provided by Kerri Lake…Licensed under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0,

Other Titles Included:

Stop Emotional Eating, Overeating & Binge Eating

Positive Weight Loss, Mindful Appetite Suppression

Fantastic Self Esteem & Empowerment

Power Focus & Concentration, Boost Attention

Sexual Confidence, Enhance Sex & Libido

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