Mind Body Integrated Synergy Hypnosis


Hello and welcome!  This system is designed for listeners who are looking for an integrated and alternative approach to healing which combines the mind, body and spirit.

As human beings we are a network of complex and interwoven forces, we have many aspects to us but we are not the sum of all of our parts.  Our memories and beliefs are held on many levels, stored not only in our brain but in our bodies as cellular memory.  Hypnotic mind body release rituals have been used throughout ancient history, especially in indigenous cultures since the dawn of humanity for healing, spiritual, and cultural purposes.

This program combines the trance state with specialized post hypnotic suggestions creating positive self messages which are reinforced by natural movements of the body.  This system is designed to help people to not only reach their highest potential, but to heal unconscious aspects of themselves, release body memories, emotional blockages, addictions, unwanted life patterns, and repressed emotions.  In today’s society and especially with technology, many people have lost tough with their bodies, resulting in an increased and emotional physical and spiritual imbalances.  Though it may seem silly to say that dancing, singing, yelling stomping or just letting your body do what ever it wants to do for an hour can be profoundly healing.  There is a reason why cultures danced under the stars for hundreds of thousands of years.


This product is not a substitute for medical, clinical or psychiatric advice.  Always consult your physician before making changes to your physical, psychological or dietary regimens. Do these exercises in a way that is safe for you and others.  The user of this product assumes all risks in using this product waiving any claims against Jupiter Productions for any and all mental or physical injuries. Use at your own risk.

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